FLAC Audio available for Philip Jeck albums

You can now download FLAC Audio versions of Philip Jeck’s albums


Loopholes [Touch # TO:26, 1995] was Jeck’s first album for Touch and was voted in was in Yamatsuka Eye’s top five CDs of 1995 in Remix (Japan).

i/e (USA) wrote: “Sometimes, sampling just means plunderphonics – vaguely altering the original’s sound source and using it for dubious means – and sometimes it’s used in a particularly novel manner, as Philip Jeck offers on the gangly Loopholes. Using just a single Casio keyboard, plus vatious tape-recorders and record-players, Jeck conjures up everything from systemic beatmusic (“Louie’s Riddle”) to aliens in the bush speaking in tongues (“PS Two”). Seemingly ‘simply’ constructed, in reality these arresting pieces form a complex and highly individualistic mosaic of sound.”


7 [Touch # TO:57, 2003] was Jeck’s 7th album for Touch and was voted one of the best albums of the year in betamusic (Singapore).

tinymixtapes (USA) wrote: “…it is Jeck’s deft approach and execution which makes this album so successful. The years he spent practicing his art saran-wraps every note, and not a moment goes by when his acute compositional skills are questioned. Naysayers may argue that Jeck’s 7 veers toward accessibility to appeal to the hipsters, but my ears tell me that 7 is a sonic documentation of an artist who has honed his craft. Although Host (released around the same time) is decidedly more experimental and daring, that doesn’t mean that 7 has an underlying intent of streamlining for the trucked-capped.”
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