The Sound Projector Radio Show | Friday 1st April 2022

Track list:

‘Chime Again’
From Sand, UK TOUCH TO:67 CD (2008)

From Stoke, UK TOUCH TO:56 CD (2002)

From Surf, UK TOUCH TO:36 CD (1999)

[untitled] Track 05
From Soaked, UK TOUCH TONE 15 CD (2002)

Interview Oct 2003 Dundee, Kill Your Timid Notion

From Stoke, UK TOUCH TO:56 CD (2002)

From Spire: Organ Works past present & future, UK TOUCH TONE 20 CD (2004)

‘Fanfares Forward’
From Sand, UK TOUCH TO:67 CD (2008)

‘Because I could not Stop for Death’ by Emily Dickinson (read by Tom O’Bedlam)

‘The Crypt’ excerpt
From Spire: Live in Geneva Cathedral, UK TOUCH TONE 21_2 CD (2005)

‘1986 (Frank Was 70 Years Old)’
From Surf, UK TOUCH TO:36 CD (1999)

‘PS One’
From Loopholes, UK TOUCH TO:26 CD (1995)

‘The All of Water’
From An Ark For The Listener, UK TOUCH TO:81 CD (2010)

‘Wreck of the Deutschland’ by Gerard Manley Hopkins (read by Paul Schofield)

Excerpt from The Sinking of the Titanic, UK TOUCH TONE 34 CD (2007)

All selections by Philip Jeck
4 with Jacob Kirkegaard
15 composed by Gavin Bryars

Touch Radio 125 | Philip Jeck

10.05.16 – Philip Jeck – Live at The Battery, San Francisco – 17:26 – 320 kbps

As part of the Touch Conference series of events which took place on the west coast of USA April-May 2016. With thanks to Brooke Wentz.

Photo: Gun battery placement, Hawk Hill

Philip Jeck on WFMU | 15th September 2012

Philip Jeck & Mike Harding (Touch 30th Anniversary Special)
Saturday, September 15th, 9pm – Midnight

on Daniel Blumin’s show on WFMU

Premier UK experimental label Touch turns 30 this year. To celebrate, Touch has been organizing events in Europe, and from September 13th to the 16th the celebration lands in New York City with a series of events at Issue Project Room, Anthology Film Archives, and Experimental Intermedia. Afraid of leaving home? Not to worry – the festivities also hit WFMU as label co-owner Mike Harding and composer Philip Jeck drop in for a visit!
Tune in as Harding discusses the label’s history and spins tracks from the imprint’s long out-of-print cassettes, recordings from the label’s roster of hit makers (e.g. Fennesz, Mika Vainio, Oren Ambarchi), and music that served to inspire the founding of the label!
Then, Philip Jeck, a Touch mainstay and artist primarily known for his mesmerizing work with prepared vinyl, performs live! Layers of creaky loops, hints of long-forgotten melodies, and echo-chamber strings meld with crackle, bass hum, and recombinant wormholes of sound. A Saturday night to remember. Do not miss!

You can hear the show archived here

Touch Radio 77 | Achim Mohne and Philip Jeck

22.04.12 – VINYL+, Live at ZKM, Karlsruhe 21st April 2012 – 63:16 – 192 kbps

Achim Mohné [00:00 to 29:11] uses three Omnitronic decks, Philip Jeck [26:51 to 63:16] uses two Dancettes and sampler. Recorded by Philip Marshall from desk to hard drive.
The resurgence of vinyl in recent years is a phenomenon which has not gone unnoticed; as CD declines sharply, its audio limitations exposed not only by advances in other technologies, but also by the myths propagated at the inception of digital exposed, so artists explore and demand other formats to express their work. Although a business model is still some way off the traditional artist » label » distribution » shop paradigm, it is clear this is being radically overhauled and replaced by online sales platforms set up by the artists themselves. But vinyl seems to have escaped this process, and continues to grow. Why is that?

Touch Radio 69 | Philip Jeck

22.09.11 – Live at The Brücknerhaus – 32:58 – 192 kbps

Pic: “The Ghost of Philip Jeck” by Mike Harding

Philip Jeck in performance was recorded on 6th September 2011 at The Brücknerhaus, Linz, Austria for Prix Ars Electronica, at which Philip Jeck was awarded a Distinction for his LP ‘Suite: Live in Liverpool’ [Touch # Tone 29, 2009]. The multi-channel recording (2 channels off the desk, two in the room) was mixed for TouchRadio by BJNilsen.

Touch Radio 43 | Philip Jeck & BJNilsen

21.08.09 – Rehearsal Tapes – 16:44 – 196 kpbs [VBR]

Photo: Jon Wozencroft

Rehearsal tapes from The Suffolk Symphony – recorded and edited during the residency (August 16th – 22nd).

On August 22nd 2009 Touch will present a multimedia performance of The Suffolk Symphony – the culmination of the week’s work undertaken during the residency.

Faster than Sound bring more imaginative experiments with sound and image to the Snape Proms with The Suffolk Symphony, a specially commissioned residency and new work by leading sonic and visual production company Touch. Inspired by the historic coastline of Aldeburgh and its surrounding area including Aldeburgh Music’s Snape Proms and its history, Touch will create a new audio-visual symphony from scratch, using only locally sourced sounds and images. Beginning on 16 August, Philip Jeck, BJNilsen, Jon Wozencroft, Philip Marshall and Mike Harding will go on a week-long treasure hunt to unearth old records, field recordings, home-made sounds and images to create a new multimedia Suffolk Symphony, culminating in its first performance on the 22 August.
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Touch Radio 6 | Philip Jeck

11.06.05 – <a href=”″>from the archives</a> – 47:55

<img src=”” />

Photo: Mike Harding

Track 1 – Wholesome Sunday
(A live mix from the 2004 Mor festival, Ireland 22.08.04) 9:20
Track 2 – In Loving Memory: Walter Gibbons and Arthur Russell
(Originally recorded for the TRACE CD, Audio Research Editions, ARECD102, Liverpool, 1999) 2:04
Track 3 – Nelson Surfs [from Touch Sampler 2, 1997] 6:33
Track 4 – 16/17 Rehearsal [from Touch Sampler 3, 1999] 8:18
Track 5 – As My Shadow Passes… [from Touch Sampler 00, 2000] 9:37
and a special bonus:
Track 6 – Instructions for Survival 1 5:59
Track 7 – Instructions for Survival 2 6:33

Extracts from the live soundtrack “Instructions for Survival”, a dance production choreographed and danced by Charlie Morrisey &amp; Scott Smith on 3rd Fenbruary 2005 at the Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome. Recent performances were held at the Linbury Theatre, Opera House, Covent Garden, London on 22nd and 23rd July 2005.

Click here for <a href=””>Philip Jeck</a>’s website